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Our Story

At Big Pineapple we specialize in designing and creating authentic laid-back holiday experiences in wonderful tropical destinations around the world, What's the Pineapple name ? We get this one all the time! Here is the short version from our founder: "In 2016, I decided to move to Sunshine Coast, Australia to get a fresh start. I was super impressed by Nambour's iconic heritage listed Big Pineapple, for me it represented the laid back Australian lifestyle and being more open to enjoy a new experience. Two Years later, when I sat pondering the values of our company and its name, it all came rushing back to me. The Big Pineapple and my experience embody everything we stand for; we’re daring to explore new, different and definitely laid back holiday destinations . Besides, Big Pineapple is super fun to say. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try!” - Adham Elbrawy, Founder & Chief Traveler.

Our Mission

We strive to be a world class tropical destination specialized tour company aspires to become a leading service provider to the global travel industry and to grow significantly faster than the travel market as a whole.

Big Pineapple Team

Our team is enthusiastic about creating authentic laid-back holiday experiences in wonderful tropical destinations around the world,

Adham Elbrawy

Founder & CEO
this means I'm responsible for vision, strategy, product development, PR and B2B account management.

Adel Fathy

Travel Advisor
30+ experience in Travel and leisure industry.

Ayanthi gamaralage

Package expert
I'll design tropical itineraries then lead you on remarkable journeys!

Mariam Mansour

Booking expert
I love sending people off on life changing experiences.

Iman Elbrawy

Content creator
I give people Tips & tricks to make out the best of their holidays.

Careers With Us

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Researching Travel-related topics. Preparing well-structured drafts using digital word processing and publishing platforms. Creating and distributing marketing copy to advertise our company and products.

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